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" To be the best Division Secretariat which will be national effective and efficient  by 2025 by interrating modern technology and sustainable development strategies.


"Our Mission"

" To uplift the living standard of the general public in the region rendering the

services in the accordance with state police coordinating  the resource  efficient sustainable

and well-planned development process "




The Historical background of Buttala

Buttala Divisional secretariat which is located in Monaragala district of the Uwa province can be identified as a special region which depicts the historical glory of Sri lanka. Still, there are various characteristics to witness the considerable development in social, political and cultural aspects in this area in the past. This region is inherited a glorious, long history and the evidance  are abundant to prove that the region was established on a special Buddhist foundation.

(There is a further description under " The religious institutions of Buttala" in this description)

The History of Buttala has a long extension which was running over the period of king Dutugemunu according to historical chronidas. But this region was highly taken into the  discussion after the base of king Dutugemunu. (Second Century BC) Buttala has been introduced as a special land area which belonged to ruhunu desha (Rohana kingdom).Buttala was an important destination of the route of the king Dutugemunu who marched towards the northern regiou after organizing the army for the battle with king Elara.There is a legend about the fomation of the name for this region as Buttala Once such legend is that this land is referred to be the area that the brigades of king Dutugemunu were given food Hense,the area was known as "Bathhala" and  was converted in to "Buthhala" later Now it is use as Buttala.There is another legend that Buttala has been named as "Gushtihala " Where there were constant battles in close proximity to Yudaganawa.Historical factors proof that Yudagana sthupa is the Giant sthups wich was built by king Dutugemunu to erase the sad thoughts of the mind after fighting with his brother Saddhtissa and to remember this battle which ws occured with his brother on the battle field of yudagan.This sthupa is highly venerated by the Sri Lankans and the world community.some people consider this sthupa as the largest sthupa in Sri Lanka In addition,the places like Dematamal vihara,Okkampitiya and Rahathan kanda which reveal the parllel incidance with the days of King Dutugemunu are subjected to the appreciation with a eternal value.

Mligavila region which is considerd as a historically important region is also located in Buttala divisional secretaiate.The re-erection of the 34 feet buddha statue which was built by the king Aggabodi a famous ruler in Ruhuna,has been subjected to the high respect of the thousands of Sri Lankas and the budhist community.Avalokithswara Bodihisthwa statue (wich was made on rocks) is the only statue which stands with out having the support of any aid.Historical imformation reveals that this statue is considered to be built by the king Dappula I these special places enhance the values of Buttala region.

It is said that the agricultural history of Buttala has also stretched towards the era of king Dutugemunu.It is a well known fact that the economic foundation of wellassa which ws built by the king Dutugemunu to unite the country.The legends reveal that this region was named as Wellassa due to the fact that the existence of hundred thousands paddy feilds and irrigation works in this region.Buttala was the most flourished area in that time period.Specially,Buttala region has occupied a prominent place regarding the paddy cultivation Historical factors prove that the paddy cultivation has been extended through out a vast land area in this region.

Howerver the history mentions that the independance ,the glory,the fertile economy and all the things were subjected to the distruction with the arrival of foreign invasions and after being a British colony in 1815.

Some current information of Buttala

The change which occured in the spheres of social,Economic and cultural can be identified when forcusing the attention on the current situation of Buttala Divisional secretariate.which is inherited a proude history.The rural regions in the Buttala have been changed in to human settlements which were abundand for a longtime since the last decade of the 20th century (1st half of the 1990).The government has provided the assistance for the formers with the intention of regaining the early agricultural,economic development specially the reconstruction of the ruined tank s and the legalization of the lands had been by the government.Sti these problems harvest been solved in some rural areas.At the same time,the endevour of the farmers to continue the stability which has been kept on paddy cultivation since in the past can even be seen in present.Specially the paddy cultivation has been flourished in the areas like Okkampitiya.

The reasou for the growing popularity of Buttala divisional secretariate recently is the establishment of the bigest sugar industry in Sri lanka  in palwatta region.this factory provides a get support to the national economy in the country.a lot of people were able to get various employments related to this industry and the tendency for the sugar cane plantation has influenced for their development.

Gem can be introduced as another significant economic resource which can be found naturally in this region.Specially the location of gem resources in the related areas to Okkampitiya enhances the value of the division.It is identified that this valueble resource is subjected to the depletion in the present.

There is a huge space for the tourism due to the location of many areas with a historical value through out the Buttala division.The local and foreign tourists travel in this region daily.But there is a grave problem of not having enough facilities for these tourists.The tourism should be identified as a section which could be developed to improve the economic growth of the region and as an area where the priority should be given.

The development programmes which have been implemented in the Buttala region have influence  the development during the past few decades.Buttala has become a very important region due to the development of infrastructure facilities such as roads,water and electricity by the Gamuda scheme,the establishment of affiliated univercity in Buttala,Garment factories and other educational institutes the begining.of the main roads from Buttala which approch to some maun cities has been effective in the development of the region. 

The festival of Asala Perahara is the most colourful cultural pageant which is Organized by the yudagana Rajamaha Vihara.This festival may only be second to the cultural festival of Katharagama.

By considering  the above mentioned facts, the divisional Secretariate of Buttala can be identified as a developed area in to some extant in the spheres of economic, industrial and agricultural with considerable growth of the cultural aspects.As well as these areas can be identified as an area with some Features which can be developed economicaly.

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